Here's What We Do...

E-Communications and E-Mobilization: It has to be personal.

Curious Task Strategies knows how to develop and implement creative and persuasive digital media communications strategies, and can create and deploy an entire campaign based on virtual communications. Unlike traditional print or broadcast media -- which are passive, and force your messages through their filters -- with e-communications, you have complete control of your message. We help craft dynamic and persuasive e-communications and social media strategies that help you and your ideas cut through the noise of social networks and start persuading your audience.


Strategic Communications: Plan to win.

Curious Task Strategies develops a comprehensive strategy for success, using the business and campaign expertise of our professionals, our experience with the media, and thorough analysis of survey, issues, and focus group research. Integrating every aspect -- from how and when to implement the most effective communications tools to creating coalitions of support -- maximizes the value of your resources and ensures the success of your message-delivery efforts.


Crisis Communications: When handling it tomorrow just isn't good enough.

When an organization is confronted with an acute challenge to its public image, decisive leadership is essential; the consequences of crisis mismanagement can eclipse the original problem, and -- too often -- can mean, quite literally, the difference between life and death for the organization. Curious Task Strategies’ crisis-tested leadership has the experience and know-how necessary to navigate even the most tumultuous situations, and the background and skills required to execute the instant-response demands of the current media environment.


Corporate & Non-Profit Public Relations: Build and maintain the reputation and image you want.

The quality of the reputation you build and the consistency of the image you create are factors more influential than the sheer quantity of contacts you make; Curious Task Strategies knows how to capitalize on both. To design and deliver the consistent, cutting message required for an effective communications campaign, we leverage research, expertise, and our established relationships with key opinion leaders in the media, government, and politics.


Political Campaign Management: They're called campaigns for a reason.

We know from experience that politics truly is war by other means: a political campaign no less than a military campaign sees strategic and tactical assaults and retreats, and relies for victory on solid planning that properly matches ends to means. Whether you’re a candidate for national, state, or local office, Curious Task Strategies will bring to bear the strength of our experience in the trenches, the expertise gained from successful campaigns, and the intensity you expect from victorious combatants.


Issues Management: Ideas have consequences.

Ideas matter.  Because the end goal of winning on the political battlefield must be then winning policy victories, the effective and persuasive communication of ideas is vital to a winning campaign.  Curious Task Strategies has the experience and expertise to translate ideas in effective and effectual ways, moving public opinion, and making it politically profitable for the "wrong" politicians to do the right thing.


Television and Radio Advertising: Because sometimes you want everyone to hear your message.

Whether you need to manage a crisis or an issue, or need to establish or build your reputation, broadcast advertising on television and radio delivers your unfiltered message to a broad audience. Curious Task Strategies will manage your ad campaign from creative concept through television and radio spot production to placement before the large audiences you want.


Direct Mail and Phones: It's not business. It's personal.

Sometimes you don’t need to send a message to the whole world; sometimes, your target audience is much smaller. Direct mail and phones allow you to target individual audiences precisely, and deliver a message refined and personalized just for them. Expert design, production, and targeting allow us to deliver measurable results.